Seagirt Ponds

Seagirt Ponds encompasses a diverse range of ecosystems and habitats, presenting residents and visitors with a magical landscape rich with terrestrial and aquatic life. The park encompasses an abandoned farming landscape, with two constructed dewponds, which after more than one hundred years of forest regeneration, now features a canopy of old second growth Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Broadleaf Maple. Understory communities of Salal, Salmonberry, Western Sword Fern and bluff communities of moss and wild flowers provide a rich habitat for a variety of amphibians and mammals, and a unique and engaging experience for park visitors. It is the re-vegetation by native species of a previously clear cut area that makes the Seagirt Ponds such a unique and special place.

Seagirt Ponds Preservation Society

The purposes of the Seagirt Ponds Preservation Society are:

  • To preserve the natural biodiversity of the Seagirt Ponds area for the present and future benefit of humanity and all life.
  • Work to retain such lands and water in natural state and make them available for the public to enjoy where ever possible.
  • Raise public, environmental and conservation awareness by sponsoring educational programs, workshops and access infrastructure.
  • To inventory and describe the natural area of the Seagirt Ponds with the goal of preserving the biodiversity of the area.

Board of Directors

  • Gloria Snively, President/Education Coordinator
  • Maureen Pridgeon, Secretary
  • Wendy Herring, Treasurer/Memberships
  • Richard Snyder, Stewardship Coordinator
  • Deborah Wainwright, Director at Large

Society Bylaws

Schedule B Bylaws

Stewardship Agreement

Seagirt Ponds Stewardship Agreement 2020 - 2024

Membership Application

Membership Application

CRD Volunteer Insurance Form

The Seagirt Ponds Society sponsors a work party once a year in the spring to help remove invasive species, etc. All volunteers are required to fill out the CRD Volunteer Form and be registered with the insurance company prior to commencing work. If you are interested in volunteering you must join the society and complete the insurance process. Volunteers are eligible to receive benefits under the CRD Volunteer Insurance Policy.

CRD Volunteer Insurance Form